Hedgeweek 2021 Nomination

Hedgeweek / Bloomberg

Cobia been nominated by Hedgeweek and Bloomberg for the shortlist in the 2021 Best Technology (Equity) Focused Hedge Fund category.

Can Small-Cap Tech Outperform the Tech Titans?

RealVision Live

Real Vision’s Jack Farley discusses with Jeff Meyers recent developments in small-cap tech names that he believes are positioning themselves for success in a Live segment.

SA Interview: Investing In The Small-Cap Technology Sector With Cobiaman

Seeking Alpha

Jeff Meyers is featured in an interview with the Seeking Alpha team, who discuss his investing style and some recent ideas on the platform.

How to Benefit From Tech’s Run, Without Big Tech Exposure

Barron’s – Tech Trader

Eric J. Savitz catches up with Jeff Meyers, who offers another idea.

Party Like It’s 1999: Is Tech in a Bubble?
RealVision Live

In this interview with Real Vision editor Max Wiethe, Jeff Meyers explains why even he is wrestling with the bubble question, and how he is positioning for the year ahead.

Let’s get small
Barron’s – Tech Trader

Eric J. Savitz speaks with Jeff Meyers, who offers two picks for unloved and unknown small cap tech companies that trade at modest multiples.

Small Cap Investing: The Last Man Standing
RealVision Live

In this live interview with Max Weithe, Jeff Meyers returns to RealVision to discuss several names he pitched last year and goes in depth on how we search for value at Cobia.

Cobia – Winner of “Active US Small Cap Strategy of the Year” 2019 Award
International Asset Management

Cobia Capital has won the 2019 ‘Active US Small Cap Strategy of the Year’ award from Institutional Asset Management.

Playing the Crowd: Profiting from Recency Bias
RealVision, Trade Ideas

In this interview with Max Weithe, Jeff Meyers returns to RealVision to discuss a company he has held since the inception of Cobia in 2008, and why investors have an opportunity to invest before revenues increase in 2020 and 2021.

Value Technology – An Oxymoron?

Many people think value investing and technology investing are mutually exclusive. As the most visible technology stocks sport high multiples, some investors assume that is the case for the entire sector, while value investing is linked to more mundane industries like manufacturing and financials. Jeff Meyers of Cobia Capital has spent the past twenty plus years investing in the conjunction of technology and value, and not only assures you that the combination exists, but it can be quite profitable for your portfolio.

Meet SumZero’s Top Investor

Who is the best investor on SumZero? With the release of SumZero’s analyst rankings feature, we now know. Jeffrey Meyers, founder and portfolio manager at Cobia Capital Management in New York topped SumZero Long-Only and Best All-Time rankings with an average return of 137%… We sat down with Mr. Meyers to discuss his philosophy on value investing which has served him so well over the years.

The Most Dangerous Trap For Stock Pickers (And 9 Ways Top Investors Avoid It)

In the career of all investors there comes a time where you’ll get excited about an investment. If you’ve done your homework, then you already know the maxim that emotions and investing shouldn’t mix. Facts, logic, hard work, and careful due diligence need to take precedence in order to outperform the vast body of investment professionals that constitute Mr. Market…
To get insight into best practices for avoiding confirmation bias, Luke Schiefelbein of Forbes spoke with Jeff Meyers, founder of Cobia Capital Management, Henrik Heffermehl, portfolio manager at Park Lane, and John Rolfe, founder of Argand Capital Advisors, the three top-ranked investors (out of over 10,000 professional analysts on SumZero). Their wisdom is aggregated into 9 rules for avoiding confirmation bias.

Hedge Funds Assets Grow, Returns Don’t

Some of the best-performing equity funds pursue strategies such as global macro and event-driven opportunities that allow them to use leverage and hedging techniques to make the most of their relatively small bets, says David Kabiller, co-founder of AQR Capital Management. Jeff Meyers’ technology-focused, long-short fund Cobia is one example.

Top-Ranked Hedge Fund Manager Sees Value In European Small Caps

Jeff Meyers founded Cobia Capital, a value oriented long/short equity fund in 2008. In the decade since, Meyers has carved out a niche and reputation for himself unmatched within the small cap technology space… Forbes contributor Luke Schiefelbein sat down with Meyers to hear about his European small cap strategy and his thoughts on value investing.

SumZero Rankings
via LinkedIn

Of the 16,240 analysts posting stock ideas on SumZero, based on performance Jeffrey Meyers’ ideas have him ranked #1 in 5 different categories this month, including #1 All-Time.